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Geographic Farming-Listing Generation Program

ANNOUNCING: GEO E-mail Farming Program is complete!
We are excited because it not only cost effective – but cost affordable!

Why introduce our new E-mail Marketing Program to you?
An agent’s ability to convert prospects into clients and generate new leads could be the difference between a top-tier business and a struggling one.
We want to offer you the 1st opportunity to pick your Zip Code GEO-Farm.

What is it?
Geographic Farming-Listing Generation Program

How it works?

We email your message to 250 homes within your geographic farm every week for 8 weeks, then twice a month for the next 18 months for name branding.  Log Into your personal dashboard to review results with real-time reporting. 

How much does it cost?
Only $9.95 month + one time $100 set up fee. Additional 250 homes cost $9.95/month.

How can we do this?
As an ISP, we guarantee delivery of your flyer into the end users inbox or your money back!

Why does it work?
GEO Farming involves focusing on one market in which their clients solicit the majority of their business.
In doing so, they establish brand identity in this particular area and develop relationships with those living in the community.

$ – Print/Postage vs Email Geo-Farming***:

Traditional printing & postage cost to farm 250 homes is approximately $127.50 per mailing. Most experts suggest 8 mailings for 1st two (2) months then twice a month for the next 18 months.  Annual cost is approximately $2,295. YIKES!

*** GEO Email Farming Program cost for (18) months is $180.00   Only $9.95/mo!  We email your flyer to 250 homes every week for 8 weeks, then twice a month for the next 18 months, plus a one time non-refundable set up fee of $100.00. As an ISP, we guarantee delivery for your flyer into the end users inbox or your money back!  Real time reporting.

Get More Listings with GEO Farming:

1. Geographic farming involves focusing on one market in which you solicit the majority of the business.
In doing so, you establish brand identity in this particular area and develop relationships with those living in the community. Before you begin “farming” a particular market, it’s important to strategically select the right location. Map your previous sold properties so you have an idea where you’ve worked before. Knowing people in the community where you want to sell can be used as leverage by giving you an “in” with the rest of the neighborhood. If they know you’ve already successfully sold a property in their area, they’ll have more confidence in you. In addition to this, reminds agents not to “fish where there are no fish.” Select a territory where the annual turnover is more than 6 percent.

Once you’ve selected your area and are ready to begin farming, consider how many homes can you effectively manage in regards to both sweat and check equity. Do you have enough time to visit with potential clients or market listings effectively? Once you’ve found your ideal number, begin thinking about your marketing strategy. Consistent marketing is key. Be present in the community and make a commitment to it. Brand yourself in your farm so the residents of the area recognize you as the local expert. Finally, it’s important keep up with industry trends. Research and learn about new marketing techniques to help you distinguish yourself from your competition.

2. Mega open houses
Instead of just hosting an open house, consider what calls a “mega open house.” Rather than immediately posting your new listing in the MLS, wait a few extra days. In that time, invite the neighbors for a private event to preview the home before opening it to the general public. In doing so, you will be able to establish a relationship with other homeowners in the neighborhood.

If you have difficulty prospecting, hosting a mega open house creates a situation where people can come to you for information. notes that, while attending this mega open house, neighbors will be curious to find out how much their own home is worth. Create cards with messages like “how much is your home worth” or “knowledge is power” and distribute them to guests to direct the communication toward selling opportunities. When a home sells in a neighborhood, generally, one or two more properties are listed in the same area. Hosting a mega open house is an ideal way to move this process while branding yourself as the local, go-to expert. Think of it as bringing in potential sellers in a more proactive way.

3. Direct mail
According to, Email marketing is on the rise because of the industry’s dependence on technology. He states that agents should expect to receive a 3-5 percent response rate. People are more likely to notice a well-tailored Email piece than a standard post card. As a part of this, suggests tailoring your marketing pieces so they interest your client. Good marketing speaks directly to what’s on the mind of the consumer. As says, the best way to catch your prospect’s attention is by responding to what consumers want to know. The key thing they are interested in is determining the value of their home.

Email marketing is also a way to brand yourself, making you more real. Create pieces that display your recent sales activity to show potential clients that you’re the local expert in their area. By including a professional, smiling image of yourself in your marketing materials, you can present yourself not only as the local expert, but also as a likable person. At the end of the day, a customer chooses you because you’re likable. notes that the most important thing agents can do to generate more leads is to know their customer so well that the product sells itself. A strong lead generation strategy isn’t a quick project; it’s a long game that involves time and diligence. When it comes to the rich and the rest, states, “Both hate to do what it takes to be successful. The rich do it anyway.”

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us directly. Looking forward to working with you in reaching your 2016/2017 goals.

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