Getting through to (Pre-NOD) Distressed Homeowners late on their mortgage payment. 

It’s Sales 101, and we are are to help keep things simple. When you want to capture your prospect’s interest and speak to their felt need (the thing that makes them want to buy), you sell the benefits, not the features of your product or service drill. They buy one because they want holes. Clean holes, deep holes, accurate holes, fast holes, holes of many sizes, holes in different materials. Most people don’t care what the drill is made from or how the circuitry is toggled – they do care that it makes holes. They might also care that the drill is light-weight, but spare them a discussion of the space-age aluminum casing. Thy might like that it is maneuverable, UL approved, has a super-long cord and comes in its own carrying case. But they only care about those things because they add to performance, convenience or safety – benefits, not features, and they appeal at an emotional level. 

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Pre-NODs are the same with all types Distressed Homeowners.

You’ve saved 28 homeowners from foreclosure last month? Great feature, but it doesn’t help them. Your a member of the Better Business Bureau? Another feature that doesn’t in any shape or form provide relief to the struggling homeowner that can’t sleep at night. You are among the top 5% sellers in your market? Great feature to have on a resume, but it doesn’t stop annoying collection calls that keep coming in since the homeowner lost their job and the bills are piling up. You are a Certified Distressed Property Expert? The homeowner doesn’t care about your expertise or training, or credentials. Zig Ziglar once said, “people buy on emotion and justify it later with logic”.

To get through to Distressed Homeowners, you must present yourself not as a real estate agent selling your services, but rather, a problem solver that communicates in terms of benefits. While features talk about you, the agent, benefits answer the question that is foremost in their minds – what’s in it for me? How can you make my life better? Some examples of benefits might be:

  • Stop the harassing collection calls.
  • Get a good night’s sleep for the first time in six months.Save your credit.
  • Comfort your family.
  • Relieve the uncertainty.
  • Return to normal day to day activities.

We can provide more examples. The main concept to get at 40,000 feet is that Distressed Homeowners that are at their wits end will make their decision to work with you based on emotions, not logic. Need more information about Pre-NODs in your market area CLICK HERE.

★★★ Pre-NOD Leads/Pre-NOD List

Using late data, you can build targeted Pre NOD Leads through precise geographic and delinquency filters, before the homeowner’s hardship reaches and public domain.  Armed with an early, accurate, and exclusive Pre NOD list, you can make an early introduction with homeowners being late on their mortgage payment before anyone else knows that a property is in distress.

Most agents are targeting Pre-NOD leads at 60 days late because it is a serious sign of financial hardship, yet it still affords a window of opportunity to reach Distressed Homeowners before those mortgagors are deluged with solicitations. Oftentimes, homeowners that on the Pre-NOD list reported as just 30 days late either become current, their parents bail them out, or they are more receptive to a loan modification.

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Pre-NOD Leads that give you an early edge

Unlike public records, Pre-NOD leads are obtained through “soft” credit data and is not yet available to the general population. The biggest drawback to working NOD lists is the fierce competition as other agents, investors, bankruptcy attorneys, credit repair firms and a host of others saturate Distressed Homeowners with solicitations and fight for the same crowded mailbox space.

Pre-NOD leads eliminate the bulk of your peers by getting you in front of struggling homeowners before their hardship reaches any public file. Since the data is obtained through our proprietary model late data and is not in the public domain, you can reach delinquent homeowners sometimes months before the lender commences the paperwork to re-possess the property.

Filter Pre-NOD leads using precise attributes

Find troubled mortgagors by geography, you can also refine the search by LTV, loan balance range, FHA loans and other criteria to put your message of hope and solutions in front of the most targeted Pre-nod leads.

Get a count of *Pre NOD leads in your market

We’d be happy to do some research and share some numbers on how many struggling homeowners need your help. For fast counts, call us at 1-866-377-4599 or visit  If you ready to get started CLICK HERE.

★★ Pre-Notice of Default Leads/Pre-NOD Leads 

Pre-Notice of Default (Pre-NOD) Leads for more consummated short sale transactions

You can eliminate 90%+ of your competition with pre-notice of default leads (Pre-NOD) of homeowners – unlike public record information that is readily available to the masses, our pre-notice of default leads are “‘under the radar”. Be the first – and oftentimes the only one – to get in front of struggling mortgage holders and get them to list your home with you.

The biggest negative feedback we’ve received from agents is the fierce competition with public NOD lists. By the time those homeowners open their mailbox, they have offers practically spilling out in the street. Our pre-notice of default leads give you an early advantage by getting in front of Distressed Homeowners before their hardship hits the public file. is your source of Pre-NOD Leads

The data is obtained through our proprietary model late data. This gives you an unprecedented view into a homeowner’s situation, sometimes months before the NOD or Lis Pendens is filed. You get detailed contact and mortgage information, including name, address, phone number when available, aggregate mortgage payments, when the loan was taken out, monthly mortgage payment amount and other attributes available.

Ways to build a list of Pre-NOD Leads

Find Pre-NOD leads by geography and current mortgage payment status. Refine the search by LTV, loan balance ranges and other filters for precise targeting. For experience driven advice, custom quotes and to get a free count of Pre-NOD leads in your area, call us at 866-377-4599 of


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