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Premium Monthly Package - $199/mo
  • Expanded Premium Data Types (see below for complete list)
  • Nationwide Residential & Commercial Data Leads-including property characteristics & mortgage information.
  • Unlimited Request up to 5,000 nationwide records per month with *public phone numbers & email addresses if available, included.
  • Each record contains property characteristics and mortgage information useful in farming lists.
  • $199 per month (plus $3 processing fee). Register, agree to terms of service, First & Last payment with registration, 30 days prior written notice to cancel.

*Note: Phones and emails are sourced from public information and may not be accurate or current and cannot be guaranteed. If want more accurate phones and emails, consider our Bureau Add-on.

Types of Premium Data Available

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Types of Data Included with Premium Package:

Data Type (nationwide)

We've got the leads, close the deal. Sample Data

More Info
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Data
More Info
FHA/VA Refinance Leads
Sample Refinance Scripts
Harp 2.0 Prospects
More Info
Short Sales Prospects (No Equity)
More Info

Reverse Mortgage Prospects
(50% Equity & Age 62 plus)

More Info
Renter Leads with Name, Address, Phone & Credit Score
Sample Renter Scripts
Nationwide Farm Packages
Sample Farm Scripts
Residential & Commercial Mailing List Available nationwide PDFIcon50
Just Listed/Sold radius searches
More Info
Phone, email obtained from public records not on DNC list.
More Info
List Types Available Expired Listings
For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
Absentee Owners
Affidavit Deaths

Empty Nester's
AVM - Estimated Equity
Nearby Properties Owners
New Homeowners
Lender Specific
Loan Rate & Equity
PVT Party Lender/Seller Carrybacks
Mortgage Consolidation
Subprime Loans
Insurance Prospects
Rate Riders
FHA/VA Trigger Leads