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Premium Monthly Package - $199/mo
  • Expanded Premium Data Types (see below for complete list)
  • Nationwide Residential & Commercial Data Leads-including property characteristics & mortgage information.
  • Unlimited Request up to 5,000 nationwide records per month with *public phone numbers & email addresses if available, included.
  • Each record contains property characteristics and mortgage information useful in farming lists.
  • $199 per month (plus $3 processing fee). Register, agree to terms of service, First & Last payment with registration, 30 days prior written notice to cancel.

*Note: Phones and emails are sourced from public information and may not be accurate or current and cannot be guaranteed. If want more accurate phones and emails, consider our Bureau Add-on.

Types of Premium Data Available

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Types of Data Included with Premium Package:

Data Type (nationwide)

We've got the leads, close the deal. Sample Data
More Info PDFIcon50
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Data More Info PDFIcon50
FHA/VA Refinance Leads Sample Refinance Scripts PDFIcon50
Harp 2.0 Prospects More Info PDFIcon50
Short Sales Prospects (No Equity) More Info PDFIcon50

Reverse Mortgage Prospects
(50% Equity & Age 62 plus)

More Info PDFIcon50
Renter Leads with Name, Address, Phone & Credit Score Sample Renter Scripts PDFIcon50
Nationwide Farm Packages Sample Farm Scripts  
Residential & Commercial Mailing List Available nationwide PDFIcon50
Just Listed/Sold radius searches More Info  
Phone, email obtained from public records not on DNC list. More Info  
List Types Available Absentee Owners
Affidavit Deaths

Empty Nester's
AVM - Estimated Equity
Nearby Properties Owners
New Homeowners
Lender Specific
Loan Rate & Equity
PVT Party Lender/Seller Carrybacks
Mortgage Consolidation
Subprime Loans
Insurance Prospects
Rate Riders
FHA/VA Trigger Leads