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Using highly sophisticated AI technology, our automated AI system sends out targeted text/email messages to Distressed and Highly Leveraged homeowners inquiring if they know someone who is struggling to make their mortgage payments due to COVID-19?  If so, there are resources available to help them avoid foreclosure and keep their home i.e. forbearance or in need of assistance in selling their home.

We accumulate the results and prescreen/pre-qualify individuals by using simple, user-friendly, empathetic and intelligent conversions.

We have in our database the distressed homeowners collect their basic contact and home property information and learn where they are in the Forbearance and/or Selling process - allowing us to setup an automated nurturing process through both targeted text & email based on their specific circumstances,

We then make the information available to you as prime follow-up candidates - including establishing the personalized follow-up nurture campaigns on your behalf.

Whether they are ready to make a decision NOW - or in 30 days, 90 days, 12 months or longer - we stay in regular touch with them so you will always be the first person they contact when they are ready.

We have done the work for you; it's then up to you how many of these prime leads you want. Our program offers the Forbearance lead on a pay-per-lead basis. AI can have an infinite number of these value-added conversations simultaneously, 24/7/365.
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