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Sample Hidden Treasures Cold Call Script

AGENT/INVESTOR:  Hi (Distress Homeowner Name), my name is XXXXXX calling from XXXXXXXXX.  I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.  My reason for calling you is that we focus on helping homeowners with challenges especially when it comes to real estate in your area. Your home on 123 Main St in Rosemead, CA came up through public record search and we are here to offer our services and a variety of solutions to you.  We just helped another distressed family in the area out of a difficult situation.

If they ask what public record – I would go over each trouble point on file.  Remember: Everything but mortgage lates is public record.


We thinks they should wait to sell


AGENT/INVESTOR: “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I can appreciate why you would be thinking this, if I were you I would probably have the same thought.” 

“May I ask, other than hoping things will be more favorable in the future, is there any other reason you would hold off putting the home on the market?” 

Seller:  “No, we want to sell we just thought we would get more money if we wait, and we don’t want a lot of strangers in our home right now.” 

AGENT/INVESTOR: “ Yes, I completely understand that you would want to time the market to maximize your profits.  Wouldn’t you agree that probably many other potential sellers in the market feel the same way you do?” 

“Because of this we expect that there will be a potential tidal wave of listings once we get past this immediate crisis.  This of course means you would have increased competition to contend with and we really dont know what will happen with interest rates. 

“Here is what we do know: right now there are serious buyers out there and there is very little inventory and of course we need only one right buyer for your home. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the right buyer came along and you were not on the market and they missed you? 

There are many safe and creative ways we can market the property if you are open to discussing them.  Also if we go on the market and do not get the response we want we can always put it on hold, and if you do not receive offers that are acceptable we can simply turn them down and wait for a better one. 

“Does this make sense? 

Ideally, by when would you like your home sold to the right buyer? 


Safe Showing Option: Buyers must view the virtual tour and submit offers subject to  interior  inspection  within  48  hours  of  reaching  a  price  agreement.

Sellers Who Want To Wait– Or Where You Local Laws Will Not Permit Showings


AGENT/INVESTOR:“Mr. and Mrs. Seller, as you can imagine as soon as this chaos passes there will be many sellers who will want to rush to get their homes on the market.” 

And there could be a flood of buyers who have been holding out. 

If we get all of our paperwork and marketing prepped now I can be ready so that as soon as we feel the moment is right we can hit the market aggressively, and be one of the first few new listings out there to maximize our chance for multiple bids.”


Sellers Who Are Over Priced


AGENT/INVESTOR:“Mr. Seller, even though we are in a very chaotic time we are still in a very strong market and inventory is extremely low, but still we are not attracting buyers.” 

Also, we need to be prepared for the fact that as soon as the chaos settles there will be a wave of sellers listing their homes, and this combined with the loss of income buyers may experience could mean prices will adjust down. 

This could be our very best window of opportunity to sell for the highest realistic price possible, and yet we need to act fast and select a price that will catch the attention of the serious buyers.  Mr. Seller, I recommend a reduction of X, will you allow me to process that reduction?”


Buyers Asking Should I Wait?


AGENT/INVESTOR: “Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, tell me do you feel your job or income is at risk? 

Buyer:  “No, we will be fine, we are just wondering if prices will go down in the next couple of months?” 

AGENT/INVESTOR   “Well, no one has a crystal ball especially now, and yet what we do know is across the country the real estate market is very strong.” 

Also there are buyers holding back right now that once the chaos passes, they will flood the market, which could mean increased competition for the home you want. 

If we work closely with a quality lender we can potentially time it just right to capture an extremely low interest rate, which means over the next many years of home ownership you could save many thousands of dollars.” 

If prices adjust slightly down, and rates go up then there truly is no benefit to waiting is there?” 

Of course, you have to pay to live in your current property/rental and it’s not where you want to be, wouldn’t you like to just get on with your plans and pay instead to live where you want to live, not to mention the beneficial tax deductions you will receive.” 

“What if we do this, simply keep researching and shopping and if the right home comes along then I think you will know what you should do, don’t you?”


Script To Call Sphere


AGENT/INVESTOR:“Hello, this is                         , I just wanted to call and check on you to make sure you and your family are ok, how are you? 

Is there anything at all I can do to be helpful to you? I have a large list of quality vendors and connections, how can I help?” 

“I have had some many friends and clients calling me to ask questions about the impact this chaos is having on the real estate market and I wondered what questions you might have?” 

In chaos there is always opportunity, is there any real estate opportunity you have in mind that you would to explore or discuss? 

“Feel free to reach out anytime and of course I would be delighted to be helpful to any of your friends and family, is there anyone who might have questions or need some help from me?” 

“I will keep in close touch and keep you informed on values and market conditions, and I am always just a phone call away.”

Script To Ask Vendors/Affiliates For Referrals


Note:  This  could be a  great  time to  form your  own  organic networking group  via zoom  weekly.    The  goal  would  be  to  encourage  and  support  each  other  and  to  share how  to  thrive  in  chaos  strategies.    This  could  also  help  you  forge  a  strong  bond  that you  can  continue  to  nurture  for  many  years  to  come. 

AGENT/INVESTOR:“Hello (vendor name), I wanted to reach out to check on you, how are you doing? 

“I know it’s a crazy time, and that is why I am calling, I wanted to let you know that I am working hard and expect to find new and creative ways to continue to do business. 

“You have always done a great job for me, and for my clients, and I want you to know I plan to be very loyal and supportive of you, and to do my best to send as much business your way as I can.  After all we all need to stick together don’t we?” 

“Before I let you go I have a small favor to ask of you, I know that you work with other real estate agents and cannot give me all of your referrals; however, I need to ask that you do your best to find a referral or an introduction or connection for me each month. If it doesn’t result in business that would not be your fault, I would very much just appreciate your efforts. Would you be willing to do this for me?”


HANDLING COVID-19 OBJECTIONS                        


Seller: “We want to wait until the coronavirus threat is over.”

AGENT/INVESTOR: I completely appreciate your thoughts that you would like to wait … We certainly are in a different time now. [Name], if there was a way for you and your family to benefit by taking action now, rather than waiting … WITHOUT taking on the health risk, I’m sure you would want to be aware of it … wouldn’t you?

What we have done is put together 2 Plans. Can I share what those 2 are?

Plan A would be for sellers to immediately list their properties now, rather than waiting. Now … the benefits in this process are huge. Would you like to know why many decide on this route? With lower inventory and still a HIGH demand, they are getting multiple offers and also getting the terms that they are seeking. What has the price of hand sanitizer or toilet paper done recently? … Exactly!

What is just as important is the safety measures that are being used to make sure that my sellers feel comfortable. Is this your biggest concern? … I’m sure it is. That is why I have a plan to accomplish this.

Plan B is for the seller who still wants to wait and still get a jump-start on the competition. Could you see the value in getting ahead of the competition?

In the safest way possible, we would take all the necessary steps that would allow you to start AND wait to initiate the listing.

Which Plan do you prefer?

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