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★★★ Short Sale Leads/30 60 90 day late list

The drawback to most short sale leads sources is the level of competition. While most short sale leads are compiled through courthouse records, our 30-60-90 day late list is obtained through our proprietary model late data.

The vast majority of short sale leads are mined through public information, flagged once the NOD or Lis Pendens is filed. The feedback that we’ve gotten is that once the homeowner is served the formal paperwork to commence the foreclosure process, they are barraged with solicitations and just can’t make sense of it all. When they have three garbage bags full of mail, they zone every offer out.

Our short sale leads allow you to make an early introduction

By obtaining short sale leads before the NOD/Lis Pendens is filed, you have a distinct advantage over the bulk of competing agents, attorneys, forensic load auditing companies, credit repair firms, and the hoards of other competitors that are trying to get through to homeowners in pre-foreclosure. Our model late data list puts your message of hope and solutions in front of delinquent mortgagors before their hardship reaches the public domain.

Disclaimer: Per CDL Data ‘Terms of Service’ following conditions apply to Your use of any of the CDL Data – Model Late Data :
1. You shall use CDL Data – Model Late Data solely for Your internal use and direct marketing purposes only.
2. You shall not use CDL Data – Model Late Data directly and/or indirectly or reference any type of Model Late directly to the Consumer without written prior consent of said Consumer in any (i) direct mail; (ii) conducting telephone solicitation; or (iii) conducting telephone or direct mail surveys.
3. You acknowledge that any contact either written and/or spoken with a Consumers as a direct result of CDL Data – Model Late Data is purely informational regarding your products and services.

We have collected the above information from various sources for your convenience.
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