The Reality of Realty: Avoiding Promises You Cannot Keep and Debts You Cannot Honor

In the complex maze of the real estate industry, the most valuable advice is also the most simple. Do not make promises you cannot keep – […]

Who Gets The Deposit When The Buyer Cancels?

Even in a market with low inventory and high demand, there still may be reasons for a buyer to want to cancel a purchase agreement. When […]

Everything In Real Estate Is Negotiable

Everything — absolutely everything in Real Estate — is negotiable. Recent economic reports indicate that real estate sales are on the increase, especially since mortgage interest […]

Kitchen Makeover Without Spending a Fortune

If you’re selling your home then you should know that one of the popular rooms that tops buyers’ favorites list is the kitchen. So it makes […]

Selling Your Home? Focus on the Kitchen

If you’re selling your home, your best chance at cooking up a sale is in the kitchen. For today’s home buyer, the kitchen is typically the […]

Kitchen Countertops: The Art of Stone

Granite is still the fan favorite when it comes to kitchen countertops. According to, granite is the benchmark that other countertops are judged by.It’s durable, […]

What Kind of Market Are You In?

A recent housing index by the Federal Housing Finance Agency found that first quarter home prices averaged $184,000. By Q3 2013, median home prices were up […]

Keep Kitchen Counters Clutter-free

Today’s kitchens are filled with all kinds of gastronomical gadgets, from coffee bean grinders to indoor rotisseries, yet design trends are leaning toward minimalism. That means […]
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