Will Supplemental Property Taxes Be Pro-rated?

Will the Supplemental Tax Be Pro-rated? The supplemental tax goes into effect on the first day of the month following the month in which the change […]

Can the Supplemental Tax Bill Be Paid in Installments?

Can the Supplemental Tax Bill Be Paid in Installments? All supplemental taxes on the secured roll are payable in two equal installments. The taxes are due […]

When and How Will the Homeowner Be Billed for Supplemental Property Tax?

When and How Will the Homeowner Be Billed? When the property is appraised during the lending process, the homeowner will be advised of their supplemental assessment […]

Are Supplemental Property Taxes Pro-Rated in Escrow?

Will the Supplemental Taxes Be Pro-rated in Escrow? No: supplemental tax is a one-time tax and is in effect from the date when the buyer takes […]

How is the Amount of Supplemental Property Tax Determined?

How Is The Amount of the Bill Determined? The tax bill is determined by a specific formula. This tax is based on the difference in assessed […]

New Transfer Tax Disclosure Requirement in California

Effective January 1, 2015 As of January 1, 2015, a new California law requires documentary transfer tax to be included on the face of a property […]

Understanding Statements of Information

Understanding Statements of Information What is a Statement of Information? A Statement of Information is routinely requested from the buyer, seller, and borrower in a transaction […]

Sole and Co-Ownership

Sole and Co-Ownership Title to property in California may be held by individuals in Sole Ownership or in Co-Ownership. Co-Ownership of real property is when the […]

Preliminary Reports

Are you aware of the issues that a Preliminary Report may bring up? If any of these items appear in the report, immediate action should be […]
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