What are Hidden Treasure Leads?

What are Hidden Treasure Leads?


The new CDLData.com program Hidden Treasure Leads combines and combs through the data to associate 26 specific troubled hardships, including mortgage information and property characteristics, to leverage this NEW intelligence-based technology to work smarter not harder.

  • 26 Hardship reasons to sell:
    • 4 different types Bankruptcy with dates and amounts.
    • 3 different types Judgments with dates and amounts.
    • 5 different types Liens with dates and amounts.
    • 4 different types Foreclosures with dates and amounts.
    • 1 Vacant Properties
    • 1 Probates
    • 1 Divorces
    • 3 different types Mortgage Lates (30-60-90)
    • 3 different types Absentees
    • 1 Inheritance



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CDLData.com is putting big data to work in leveraging NEW intelligence-based technology to work smarter identifying potential sellers in your market area. We have aggregated 26 specific troubled hardships that affect homeowners decisions to sell, analyzed data from more than 45 sources so our program can now predict which houses will sell first across the nation. The data comes from public records in the 3,000 counties in the USA (assessor offices, county recorders and county land offices), mortgage data and consumer information sites. This data is then augmented and associated with the 26 troubled hardships that effectively covers 105 million homes, or about 93% of the housing market.

Did You Know that 82% of Homeowners List with the FIRST PERSON who knocks on their door per the National Association of Realtors.



An average Agent or Investor only looks at margins that come from what we would call the standard marketplace of opportunities. For Agents or Investors who are looking to distance themselves from those standards, the road can be much harder to find and difficult to navigate, especially when you’re looking for verticals that most people don’t have access to. That’s until today, because with our new Hidden Treasure Lead system your clients will have access to one of the most sophisticated systems on the market today. Our search platform combs through over 105 million homes to specifically find 26 troubled hardships that are currently affecting home owners in today’s market. Now your clients can leverage this new intelligence-based technology with just a click of a button, working much smarter not harder and in real time.


Right now you have Agents or Investors researching county information and other sources, spending thousands of dollars, and working hundreds of hours just to have access to what we can provide with one push of a button. These same individuals can only gain some of the information and many times might have to predict what might be happening with a lead compared to our real time 24/7 access. Our Hidden Treasure Leads come with the complete homeowners name, site and mail address, APN, purchase date and sales price, assessed values, phone and email if available, plus the property characteristics.


Finding seasoned Agents and Investors who like to work in this niche market is the most important key for these leads. These types of professionals know what it takes to work with troubled homeowners and understand the sales cycle attached to their challenge. The other benefit is the complete control you have with these leads, compared to standard buyer’s leads that usually have a lender attached. Now you have a huge opportunity to stand out with your clients and garner additional business your competition doesn’t have access to.


Part of an Agent’s/Investor’s dialog to a prospective homeowner with troubles, should always be one of empathy. Putting themselves in the shoes of that homeowner and trying to the best of their ability to help them through whatever challenges they face. Example – “I look for opportunities to help people as part of my reason for getting into this type of business. I think I might be able to help you, I’m not sure. Would you be willing to sit down, I know you ran into some challenges.” I started my business to help others and have been successful. I’m sure I can help you too.



We have seen amazing results when Agents and Investors use the following best practices we have listed below. As we have shared with you the best fit for the Hidden Treasure lead platform is seasoned Listing Agents or Investors who have worked with Distressed Homeowners. They understand what it takes to work these potential clients who are currently in distress and usually will have systems in place to farm these types of leads. We have included some of these standard practices below …

  1. Door Knocking – Having face to face conversations with a distressed owner allows your client a chance to show true empathy for their situation and build trust with the owner
  2. Leaving Personal Notes – If there not at home a personal note goes a long way. It allows the Agent or Investor to share that they dropped by to discuss helping them through their difficulty.
  3. Regular phone follow up – Just checking in and updating a potential client on their current situation goes a long way on the trust building side of the process
  4. Direct mail – Based on the troubles some potential clients are dealing with direct mail might become the first point of action. These types of leads do take a little longer to nurture but any seasoned Agent or Investor knows they don’t have to deal with as much competition.
  5. Drip Campaigns – Not all home owners with problems are willing to fix those difficulties immediately, so a good drip system is always necessary. Be it print, email or text all three platforms will help with staying in touch and keeping the Agent or Investor top of mind with the client.

A seasoned Listing Agent or Investor will actively work these types of leads because they see an opportunity to expand their CORE business. They also understand the sales CYCLE connected and know how to navigate the timelines. Because nobody is currently working these leads they have a captive audience and are just waiting for their timeline to cycle.

Please note that once your client starts working with the HIDDEN TREASURE LEADS program it will become a larger portion of their sales farm. Remember these home owners just can’t imagine they can be helped, but now they have a local expert who can help them work out their problems. Everybody always thinks they can get out of their troubles – until they can’t! That’s when you become the first person they call.


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