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Homeowner Leads with Phone/Email addresses available
CDL Data.com Homeowner Leads provides hundreds of property and demographic filters to support virtually any homeowner specific marketing list requirements. Quickly create lists based upon property details, valuation as well as demographic data such as estimated income, age and ethnicity. Each homeowner record contains the following property characteristics:
• Owner Full Name
• Phone/Email
• Parcel ID
• Site Address
• Owner Mailing Address
• Property Type
• Length of Residence
• Building Living Area
• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms
• Lot Area
• Last Market Sale Date
• Last Market Sale Price

Plus much more!

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Type of Searches Available:

• New Homeowners
Homeowners Mortgage Information
• Nearby Property Owners
• Empty Nesters
• Insurance Prospects
• Age
• Business Owner
• Charity Contributor
• Direct Mail
• Education

• Estimated Income
• Ethnicity
• Gender
• Personal Interest
• Investments
• Language
• Lifestyle
• Magazines

• Marital Status
• Occupation
• Pets
• Religion
• Year of Birth

Plus much more!

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homeowner leads

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