NODs 30-60-90 day lates

October 28, 2019 

Corona, CA

There’s a secret to using this amazing source properly (and in a cost efficient way)… So read on….

If you’ve got a few bucks to spend on email marketing, is one of the most efficient (and fastest) ways to build a list of targeted motivated sellers to start calling and/or set up a email marketing campaign.

Go to – pick type of package you want, pay and fill out the online request form and start building a list of motivated sellers. From here, you can build a custom list of targeted sellers that are hjighly motivated. There are hundreds of different types of criteria to choose from to narrow your selection – Area, zip codes, property types, equity, property value, owner demographics, Pre-NODs (30-60-90 day lates)  and NODs, NTDS and REOs.

The best marketing package is the Premium Package, you get unlimited nationwide requests, up to 5000 records per month. We charge first and last payment with registration, require 30 days prior written notice to cancel and no contract.  Here is the criteria I suggest you use to filter for the most effective motivated sellers list:

  1. Select a target market (Pre-NODs or Pre-foreclosures) – choose one zip code, city, county and/or state at a time.
  2. Select Property Type – I do single family and multi family homes.
  3. Submit your request.  You will get an email stating your request has been completed in 1-2 hours.  You will need to log into your online dashboard to get your records.

** IMPORTANT: All of the sample criteria I’ve selected makes sense, many investors will select the “current home value” option (say $50,000 – $200,000). 

  1. Also selecting absentee owners and/or vacant properties will have the best response rate.

Using the criteria above, you should be able to come up with a healthy sized list that will yield several listings and/or wholesale deals. 


Do not just start requesting multiple lists! Do not mail to each list just once. Marketing statistics tell us that you need to touch a potential customer/client at least 7 times before they even acknowledge you. has both the phone number and email addresses for these motivated sellers.  As an ISP (Internet Service Provider) we guarantee 100% delivery into the homeowners INBOX or your money back!

The majority of NOO deals come between the 4th and 8th email marketing campaign. Therefore, the key to making NOO deals is to setup an email marketing campaign to the same list no less than 6-10 times before moving on to the next list. 

Contact for other marketing ideas.

NODs 30-60-90 day lates

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