What is a “Pre-NOD Lead”, Anyway?

Pre-NOD leads are property owners that are either 30 – 60 -90 or 120 days late on their mortgages. The data is reported by the credit reporting agencies, and is delivered on a monthly basis.  As an agent for the credit bureau, CDLData.com is the only data provider with direct access to this type of data. (We get them every 3 weeks). This list is so awesome because the information is not public record (yet), which gives you a “leg-up” on your competition because you have access to information that is not otherwise available to the public.

‘The Pre-NOD leads is released every 3 weeks.’ states Sara Karter, ‘with updated and accurate information’. We’ve been providing the Pre-NOD list to real estate investors and Realtors for more than 5 years, and they have nothing but AWESOME results from using the Pre-NOD List. This is one of the ultimately HOTTEST marketing lists that Realtors and Real Estate Investors are using in this buyer’s market right now! The information is so hot, it’s almost “classified”!!

How does this compare to other marketing lists that are available? Well, for one, not everyone can get their hands on the Pre-NOD list. This list is not free (like the information is once the foreclosure becomes “public”. Therefore, not many  people use it. Most people get stuck in their lazy and unproductive ways of using “FREE” leads, and leave these types untouched. That’s why you can come in and clean house by taking the extra leap of faith. 

Need more information on Pre-NODs contact customer support at info@cdldata.com or 866-377-4599. Ready to get started CLICK HERE.



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