Breach of Lease Must Be Material To Warrant Eviction

A typical residential lease agreement will contain a variety of provisions specifying what the tenant must do and what the tenant must not do. Many of […]

How Canadian Homeowners Are Handling Debt

The bad news is that only 43 per cent of Canadian homeowners say they are happy with the way they’ve managed their debt and day-to-day finances […]

What Is a Reserve Study In Your HOA?

The Reserve Study analyzes repair and replacement needs like roofing and painting that happen every year and provides a funding plan for accumulating money to perform […]

HOA Insurance Proaction in Action

One of the biggest traps for common wall homeowner associations like condominiums is that their insurance coverage often permits payment of claims that rightly belong to […]

Diamonds in the Rough

Many homeowner associations find it difficult to hold the line on expenses. Inflation erodes endlessly increasing budgets and members scream for relief. But help is on […]

Ask The HOA Expert: Pool Accessibility To The Handicapped?

Question: We are a seniors only (Over 55) homeowner association. A prospective buyer inquired about handicap access. All of our facilities are handicap ready except for […]

What Kind of Market Are You In?

A recent housing index by the Federal Housing Finance Agency found that first quarter home prices averaged $184,000. By Q3 2013, median home prices were up […]

Do Your Windows Have the Power to Melt the House Next Door?

With a fair amount of buzz recently about how some energy-efficient windows can create a laser-beam effect that warps siding on a neighboring house, we thought […]
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