Why market to your own customers?

Your customers know who you are: after all, they’re your customers! Isn’t your marketing time better spent on targeting new prospects? NO! Studies indicate that it […]

Interim Binders

Are you familiar with the interim binder? If not, this may be very valuable to you! The binder is designed for a special purpose and cannot […]

What Is An AITD (All Inclusive Trust Deed)?

An All Inclusive Trust Deed is a new deed of trust that includes the balance due on the existing note plus new funds advanced; this is […]

TSG— Trustee Sale Guarantee

What is a TSG? A “TSG,” or “Trustee Sale Guarantee”, is a title report given to a trustee to provide recorded information pertinent to the foreclosure […]

California Foreclosure Prevention Act: FAQs

What is the California Foreclosure Prevention Act (CFPA)? The CFPA was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on February 20, 2009. The CFPA was created […]

Guide to Endorsements in California

CLTA#             DESCRIPTION                                                                         INSURES                                   CHARGE (% OF BASIC RATE) 100                    Comprehensive – Improved Land                      […]

Have a plan for each day

You can make your highest goals achievable by having a practical game plan for each business day. What is your goal for 2015? Set your goal: […]

Making a move a family experience

If you’ve got a family, moving house can be an intimidating prospect. It’s never easy to move, especially when you’ve got kids who will be uprooted […]

Follow-up script for contacts

It’s important to follow up on all contacts, not just those who expressed specific interest in buying or selling right away. Keeping your name in the […]
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