Follow up with your contacts

It’s important to follow up on all contacts, not just those who expressed specific interest in doing business right away. Keeping your name in the forefront […]

Why should your prospect choose you

When a prospect asks, “Why should I choose you,” it’s vital to have a quick and easy response. Here are some ideas about what you can […]

Have a plan for each day

You can make your highest goals achievable by having a practical game plan for each business day. What is your goal for 2015? Set your goal: […]

Your ideal self

One of the most valuable tools you have is visualization. Visualize the self you want to be. It’s  impossible to effectively plan a journey when you […]

“We want to have an exclusion in the contract.”

When a seller says, “We want to have an exclusion in the listing contract,” this may mean that they have a buyer in mind for the […]

“Your marketing plan is just like all the others.”

When a prospect protests, “Your marketing plan is just like the others agents that I’ve talked to,” be ready to respond! “It sounds like you’ve been […]

Most Common Time Traps

You probably know some people who have raised time wasting to an art form. They have mastered the ability to fall into every time trap they […]

What’s the Biggest Difference

What’s the Biggest Difference Between Average Sales People and the Great Ones? The biggest difference between average salespeople and the great ones is their ability to […]

Identifying Negotiation Points

How often have you reached the end of a sales appointment and couldn’t quite close the buyer? The buyer is interested in what you presented and […]
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