You Can’t Prospect If You Don’t Know Your Product!

You really can’t talk to people and determine whether they’re good prospects if you don’t  know your own products inside, outside, top to bottom.  You dont […]

The Equilateral Triangle of Sales

I often draw a triangle with equal sides when I discuss the fundamentals of championship selling.  Notice that the triangle’s base or bottom side is attitude, […]

You Are What You Represent

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, ‘be a product of the product.’  This means that you not only represent the product or service, but that you, personally, […]

Just Exactly What Is It You’re Selling?

What do you sell?  If I ask 100 professionals this question, I will receive close to 100 different answers.  I’ve done this in my seminars, so […]

Turn Prospecting into Dollars with STP

The key to success with prospecting is what I call STP. In fact, I put a can of STP on my desk, in my bathroom and […]

Getting the Prospecting Mindset!

Unless you sell some unique product for a very exclusive or narrow market, everybody is a prospect.  I call this realization the -prospecting mindset, and if […]

Gaining Competency in Prospecting!

The education process-learning product information and gaining selling skills-is the beginning of your career in sales.  Getting to know your product is essential.  If you don’t […]

Where Prospecting Fits In

If you ask 100 sales professionals what their favorite aspect of selling is, I’m willing to bet that 95 of them will not mention prospecting.  Our […]

Warm Prospecting

Warm prospecting, on the other hand, involves contacting people who you have good reason to believe will become clients and with whom you have some sort […]
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