“Your marketing plan is just like all the others.”

When a prospect protests, “Your marketing plan is just like the others agents that I’ve talked to,” be ready to respond! “It sounds like you’ve been […]

Talking to local prospects at an open house

When you’re hosting an open house, you’re likely to have people from the neighborhood stop by. Some of them are just curious about the house, but […]

Talking to buyers at an open house

Do you have an effective and comfortable script for talking to buyers at open houses? Make sure you get all information you need! Your goal is […]

Most Common Time Traps

You probably know some people who have raised time wasting to an art form. They have mastered the ability to fall into every time trap they […]

What’s the Biggest Difference

What’s the Biggest Difference Between Average Sales People and the Great Ones? The biggest difference between average salespeople and the great ones is their ability to […]

Identifying Negotiation Points

How often have you reached the end of a sales appointment and couldn’t quite close the buyer? The buyer is interested in what you presented and […]

30-60-90 day lates

It’s Sales 101. When you want to capture your prospect’s interest and speak to their felt need (the thing that makes them want to buy), you […]


How to convert renters to buyers in this market.” Well, ask and ye shall receive.  So let’s talk about it.  Its no secret that there are […]

Mortgage Deductions

I thought you might want to share this article with clients.  The home mortgage interest deduction saves the average home owner thousands of dollars at tax […]
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