Getting off the fence

Sometimes clients can get hung up on a decision, and find it hard to take action. Your job is to get the client off the fence. […]

Encouraging past client referrals

You want to be the agent of choice for your past clients. It’s important to maintain regular contact so your name comes to mind instantly when […]

Consulting with a buyer

When meeting with potential buyers, there is a list of questions that you should be asking to make sure you have the information you need.   […]

“How’s the market?”

What a great question to be asked! This is the perfect introduction to present your services to an interested party. It’s simple: begin with, ” That […]

Listing appointment dialogue

Every agent should have a basic script to use during a listing appointment; knowing what to say will increase the seller’s confidence. Practice the script until […]

For sale by owner: starting a dialogue

When speaking with those who have already listed their homes as “for sale by owner,” it is helpful to have a basic script to follow. Try […]

Reasons to choose

“Why should I choose you?” It’s vital to have a quick and easy response to this question. Here are some ideas about what you can say; […]

“We’re not re-listing until later, stop calling.”

Frustrated homeowners might tell you, “We’re not re-listing the property until later, please stop calling.” You don’t want to lose this prospect, but you should communicate […]

Pre-qualifying script

This basic script will lead you through the flow of conversation when assessing prospective clients. As you ask the questions, pay attention to the information provided. […]
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