Why market to your own customers?

Your customers know who you are: after all, they’re your customers! Isn’t your marketing time better spent on targeting new prospects? NO! Studies indicate that it […]

Interim Binders

Are you familiar with the interim binder? If not, this may be very valuable to you! The binder is designed for a special purpose and cannot […]

Follow-up script for contacts

It’s important to follow up on all contacts, not just those who expressed specific interest in buying or selling right away. Keeping your name in the […]

Follow-up script for sellers

Following up after a contact with a seller is vital. A quick phone call can lead to a good listing! You can use this script, or […]

Follow-up script for buyers

Here is a quick script to make scheduling follow-up appointments for buyers a breeze! “Hello, this is Your Name. We spoke recently about your desire to […]

Following up with owners selling on their own

It can be tricky to get owners selling their homes themselves to list with you, and follow-up is crucial to that process. Here is a sample […]

Following up after an open house

When you meet buyers at an open house, follow up promptly. This doesn’t have to be a big ordeal; a simple phone call is usually all […]

Buyer appointment confirmation

 It’s vital to be prepared to talk to buyers before you meet. Having a script on hand can make it a breeze!   “Hello, this is […]

Four powerful questions

Is your client stuck in a decision loop, unable to take action? Use these four powerful questions to help them make their decision.   1: “What […]
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