Take control

Take control of your own business plan. You need to be focusing on what is working in the market place today, not last month or last […]

Dominate your market

You must make a decision to dominate your market place. Whether it’s your farm, database, or your niche market, you must own it both online and […]

Find your mantra

Everyone needs a mantra. A mantra is a phrase or series of phrases that helps you calm down, center yourself, and focus on the task ahead. […]

Building rapport

Building rapport with buyers and sellers is key to increasing your business. The potential client may decide not to choose you as their agent for the […]

Turning ideas into action

It’s important to have good ideas, but even the best ideas are meaningless without action. You need a concrete way to capture your ideas, get them […]

Create your ideal self

One of the most valuable tools you have is visualization. Visualize the self you want to be. It’s  impossible to effectively plan a journey when you […]
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