FHA/VA Streamline Mortgage Leads FHA & VA refinance pre-screen

FHA/VA Streamline

CDLData.com has customized FHA & VA Mortgage Streamline Leads which can be filtered to target your ideal prospects for FHA or VA streamlines, or other pre-screen mortgage offers and are filtered by credit score, type of mortgage (FHA or VA), number of mortgage trades, and months since last mortgage or mortgage date range.

CDLData.com uses the process of a soft inquiry through the credit bureaus to find prospects that are solid FHA & VA refinance candidates. A more frequently updated and accurate list you will not find!

The soft inquiry is a real time pre-screen of the prospect’s credit report. It is the same process banks and credit card companies run to help them determine payment status and to assess risk.

The ‘soft inquiry’ does not affect the consumer’s credit report and since the FHA leads are generated directly from the credit report the accuracy is unsurpassed.

FHA & VA refinance

pre-screenSuggested Filters for FHA/VA Streamline leads:

  1. Number of HELOC trades = 0 – We filter out the HELOCS to insure we get the proper debt amounts since banks occasionally report HELOCS as unsecured debt and this will give inaccurate debt amounts.
  2. Credit 640+, If you do your own internal underwriting you might be able to go a bit lower but 640+ would still be our advice. We can filter higher or lower at your request. The credit score attribute has a +/- 5 point swing at worst case scenario.
  3. Number of mortgage trades = 1 – Limiting the open mortgage trades to 1 will guarantee that we are focusing only on homeowners with an FHA mortgage.
  4. Current Mortgage Balance $100,000+ – This will vary depending on your regional area. We can increase or decrease the mortgage balance according to your campaign goals.
  5. Seasoning 18+ Months – We suggest 18+ months but we can use any range you request. We can even use a date range if needed.
  6. Current mortgage payment status = Paid As Agreed – We make sure there are ‘no lates’ on the FHA & VA mortgage leads trade line for the past 24 months.

refinanceSelects available for FHA & VA Mortgage Leads are as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Credit score
  • Equity
  • Number of mortgage trades
  • Loan amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Phones & Email (optional)

How many FHA leads are available?


  • One Homeowner
  • One Mortgage Trade
  • FHA & VA Mortgage Trade
  • 100,000+ Mortgage Balance
  • 640+ Credit Score
  • Mortgage Origination Prior to pick your date
  • No mortgage Lates in Last 12 Months
  • Phones & Email (Optional)

<Click Here> to find how many FHA Streamline Leads are available in your state or better yet, contact us for a current FHA count.

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