GEO Farming‘s Email GEO Farming (Branding) Program

Don’t lose another lead or past customer again!

It’s no secret. Consumers love information about their homes and neighborhoods. It’s where they live and raise their families. And it’s also their #1 asset.

Why Do Agents Love’s GEO Farming Program?


Since we deliver 100% in the end-users INBOX there area more than 50% open rates,‘s GEO Farming emails will help your clients remember your name for years to come.


Neighborhood comp and past customers reviews are an essential part of an online branding and marketing. They help build trust and loyalty, and typically describe what sets your services apart from others.

NEW LEADS’s GEO Farming isn’t just for current clients – you’ll generate new leads too. Just sign up the prospects you meet at open houses and other events to start promoting yourself as the local real estate expert.

SIMPLE’s GEO Farming lets you “set it and forget it”. You pick your farm – we take care of the rest, every month, with no hassle. It’s the perfect way to reach clients.


Customer Reviews Really Matter in Improving Your Sales, In fact, 85% of Millennials say reviews influence their purchasing choices, and that’s only one demographic! Furthermore, over 80% of customers look at customer reviews with as much trust as they would a personal recommendation.

How it works

We email 250 contiguous (bordering next-door) homeowners, 2x/month, alternating between:
1. View Past Customer Review Message
2. View Comparable Sales in Farm
3. View Monthly Real Estate Newsletter

Cost is $9.95 per month for each 250 homes.

As an ISP (Internet Service Provider) we guarantee delivery into the homeowners inbox 100% of the time with real-time reporting or your money back.

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