What are Hidden Treasure Leads?

Hidden Treasures are highly targeted premium leads of ‘Distressed Homeowners’!


  • CDLData.com – Home of the 30-60-90 Day Mortgage Lates can predict the next Distressed Homeowner with a high degree of confidence! Resulting in more Listing/sales!
  • CDLData.com is putting big data to work in leveraging NEW intelligence-based technology to work smarter identifying potential sellers in your market area. We have aggregated 20 specific troubled attributes that affect homeowners decisions to sell, analyzed data from more than 45 sources so our program can now predict which houses will sell first across the nation. The data comes from public records in the 3,000 counties in the USA (assessor offices, county recorders and county land offices), mortgage data and consumer information sites. This data is then augmented and associated with the 26 troubled attributes that effectively covers 105 million homes, or about 93% of the housing market.
  • The new CDLData.com program (Hidden Listing/Sales Treasures) combines and combs through the data to associate 26 specific troubled attributes, including property characteristics, to leverage this NEW intelligence-based technology to work smarter not harder.

Did You Know that 82% of Sellers List with the first person who knocks on their door per the National Association of Realtors

  • Troubled Homeowner Attributes Below:


Click on picture below to see Sample PDF!

Undoubtedly the single most important thing in real estate is finding a “Hidden Listing/Sales Treasure,” and if you can master this, your success is pretty much guaranteed. There are many different strategies and lead types used for finding sellers that are motivated to sell their properties below market value, and this page is meant to give you an understanding of all the methods so you can choose which best works for you, your skill set and the real estate market you’re working.

Sample Traditional Real Estate Farming Sample Hidden Listing/Sales Treasure Farming
  • Farm with a 6% or greater turnover rate.
  • Farm 500 homes.
  • Mail out twice/mo marketing materials.
  • Mail out cost: $575/mo for life! (printing/postage)
  • Sell in next 90 days—unknown.
  • Your Marketing budget is is geared for long term results, not short term income!. Unless you have money to burn, you’re just throwing your hard-earned money away hoping for immediate success.
  • Farming is time consuming and can’t keep up if looking for short term results.
  • Big agent competition?
  • How to even find the right farm?

  • 26 Hardship reasons to sell:
    • 4 types Bankruptcy
    • 3 types Judgments
    • 5 types Liens
    • 4 types Foreclosures
    • 1 Vacant
    • 1 Probates
    • 1 Divorces
    • 3 types Mortgage Lates
    • 3 types Absentees
    • 1 Inheritance
  • Farm Hidden Treasure homes in your market area.
  • Initial Face-to-face meeting key to your success!
  • Targeted Email & Postal Campaigns
  • Drip campaigns
  • Selling in next 90 days? Immediate income.
  • Save precious Time and Money by focusing only on predicted sellers with accurate data-backed listing predictability.
  • Schedule automated, consistent marketing to your top prospects
  • Hidden Listing/Sales Treasures for Agents/Investors – Leverage a smarter platform to jump start new, repeat, and referral business.
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified seller leads.
  • Speak with potential sellers even before your competitors know they’re ready to list!
  • Start each day with a plan for strategic follow up by focusing on the homeowners who deserve the most attention.
  • WE PREDICT 70%+ OF LISTINGS – Our machine-learning algorithm has predicted over 70% of listings for thousands of agents across the country.
  • FIRST IN THE DOOR – Our active Smart Marketing ensures have a 70% chance of winning the listing.
  • ONE LISTING GETS ROI – With our competitive pricing and access to our smart data and marketing, it just takes one listing per year to profit.

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