renter leads

Renter Leads with phone/email addresses available

With a database of over 16 million renters (updated monthly from the three (3) credit bureaus),  provides real estate professionals with the ability to target this highly lucrative market. Whether you are simply looking for all renters in your area, or you want to segment this group by key demographic or behavioral characteristics, our online dashboard and APP lets you build and request a list of prospects in just minutes. 

View Sample Renter Leads – CLICK HERE for sample CSV, PDF and LABEL formats

Each renter record contains the following information:

  • Renter name
  • Current address
  • Length of residence
  • Marital Status (optional)
  • Phone number (land & cell)
  • Renter Email address
  • FICO Score
Type of Searches Available:
Search by State, County, City, Zip Code and radius.

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renter leads


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