Sample Screenshots of User Dashboard Panel
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This is your email flyer edit screen, with 100% full edit capabilities. Here you can change your colors, pictures, logos, fonts and anything else you wish to change. Our flyer editor is as easy to use as a word processor!

Here is a sample list of Email Templates, Newsletters and Flyers, such as the one above. You can create new ones and edit existing ones.

Here you can see your individual contacts. This is the limited rented list view.

This is the full contact list view for Purchased Lists only. Here you have complete access to all contact information, including email and street addresses and phone numbers.

With Purchased Lists, you have full access to contact information, all of which you can edit.

This is where you can create multiple contact lists.

Here is your report view, where you can see how many clicks, views, opt-outs and other valuable status information.