Interim Binders

Are you familiar with the interim binder? If not, this may be very valuable to you! The binder is designed for a special purpose and cannot […]

Script for closing buyers/sellers

You can be a successful agent regardless of the ups and down of the market. The market is not the issue. Your challenge is to get […]

The importance of engagement

In today’s connected society, things like your website, Facebook, blog, and social media can be excellent sources of lead generation, but nothing can replace the skills to engage […]

Follow-up script for contacts

It’s important to follow up on all contacts, not just those who expressed specific interest in buying or selling right away. Keeping your name in the […]

Follow-up script for sellers

Following up after a contact with a seller is vital. A quick phone call can lead to a good listing! You can use this script, or […]

Follow-up script for buyers

Here is a quick script to make scheduling follow-up appointments for buyers a breeze! “Hello, this is Your Name. We spoke recently about your desire to […]

Following up with owners selling on their own

It can be tricky to get owners selling their homes themselves to list with you, and follow-up is crucial to that process. Here is a sample […]

Following up after an open house

When you meet buyers at an open house, follow up promptly. This doesn’t have to be a big ordeal; a simple phone call is usually all […]

Buyer appointment confirmation

 It’s vital to be prepared to talk to buyers before you meet. Having a script on hand can make it a breeze!   “Hello, this is […]
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