10 Seller Objections and the Scripts Agents Need to Overcome Them

Hello, A few seller objections is normal. But if you have a lot of them your presentation needs work! You are always going to get a […]

Marketing List vs Data Append

Best way to get more phone numbers? Marketing List vs Data Append This is a friendly update being sent to all of our valued customers. First […]

How to Get Listings When There’s No Inventory

Every agent out there today wants more listings, but can you get them if there isn’t any inventory? (Applying  this simple real estate strategy will help […]

FSBO 101- The Finishing Touch

THE FINISHING TOUCH “I really appreciate you having me over.  My intention was to just look at the home.  Now that I am here I have […]

FSBO 101 … What to Say to get Preview Appointment

WHAT TO SAY TO GET A PREVIEW APPOINTMENT “Are you cooperating with agents on the sale?” WHAT TO SAY ON THE PREVIEW APPOINTMENT Your main objective […]

FSBO – 101

CONTACTING FOR SALE BY OWNERS On your 1st call, you have three (3) basic objectives to accomplish:  Obviously, is to GET A LISTING APPOINTMENT.  When you […]

Generating More Repeat and Referral Business-Text/Dialogue

Phone Texting Message Your Tex Message:  Hi (name) the market’s really moving and home values are going up.  Want to know your home’s value? Customer Response: […]

Database Dialogue Script

Hi … this is ____ (your name) with _____ (your company).  I hope you and your family are well.  Do you have a quick minute for […]

Finding The Seller’s Tipping Point

Every seller has that moment in time when something happens that pushes them to making a decision to sell. In fact, many sellers don’t even know […]
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