Instagram Announces Plan to Develop Influencer Marketplace

Instagram has seen a surge in daily use because of the pandemic, along with the rest of the social media landscape. It has also affected the dynamic and […]

Foreclosure and Eviction Moratorium End in Sight, What’s Next

April 27, 2021, (Orange County, CA) – (BUSINESS WIRE) The end of federal foreclosure and eviction moratoriums is on the horizon, leaving many wondering, “what’s next?” […]
John The Data Man

How to Nail Speed-to-Lead in Real Estate with AI assistant

Speed-to-Lead REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE FROM JOHN-THE-DATA-MAN Speed-to-Lead April 27, 2021, (Orange County, CA) – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Speed-to-Lead engagement AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a […] FHA Prescreen Solutions FHA Prescreen Solutions help you develop more targeted marketing campaigns to maximize responses and grow revenue through traditional direct mail or email marketing campaigns. FHA […]
John The Data Man

Pre-NOD 30-60-90 Day Late Leads

Pre-NOD 30-60-90 Day Late Leads distressed homeowners distressed sellers Pre-NOD, 30-60-90 Day Late Leads, homeowners are great seller leads for real estate professionals. These distressed homeowners […]
John The Data Man

FHA & VA Mortgage Leads

FHA/VA Streamline Mortgage Leads FHA & VA refinance pre-screen has customized FHA & VA Mortgage Streamline Leads which can be filtered to target your ideal […]
John The Data Man

How to Thrive in Chaos.

It’s John with here with our Weekly Roundup. We may be locked in a “work-from-home” environment, but that hasn’t stopped us from being here for […]

Reflecting on Ethical Data Use on Data Privacy Day

If there is any marketing industry topic deserving of its own designated day, it is Data Privacy Day. Every January 28, the National Cyber Security Alliance […]

Rapport Building with Distressed Homeowners

If you want results you MUST implement proven strategies on a regular and consistent basis.  One of the single biggest factors to your success is Building Rapport with […]
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